Supporting you to reach the digitalization challenge of your customer journey.
Through its experts, its methodology and digitizing platform, TDC helps you to design in Lean mode, your "Minimum Viable Product"
to implement an industrial, agile and secure digital strategy.
The platform is based on a three tier architecture (Presentation - Distribution - Treatment).
This architecture enables to implement secure, robust and real-time exchanges between connected objects, users (web, mobile, tablet) and information systems.
TDC will also provide innovations in BIG data, business intelligence, predictive and semantic analysis, BPM, communities 3D vision through its ecosystem of innovative SMEs that will allow you to make the best current innovations and future.


Accompany You in a pragmatic and practical approach to digitalize your customer experience, processes and products.
Our experts and methodologies will allow you to:

  • icon_bulleUnderstand The new digital uses and the expectations of users
  • icon_documentPlan a pragmatic digital strategy in an lean approach
  • icon_dossierRealize in a few weeks a Minimum Valuable Product to materialize your digitalization using the AGILE methods
  • icon_chimieExperiment the Minimum Valuable Product in pilot mode to define adjustments and stages for your strategy


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